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December 16


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從2013年起,西班牙巴斯克藝術家Mattin和台灣藝術家王虹凱合作一系列的表演,並發表了《Collapsing Ourselves》 的唱片。在這作品裡,他們以對話作為形式,錯置空間性的文本,裡面四組聲軌相互重疊,包括中文、英語、各種空間的環境音、數位效果,和自我反思的片斷。這不是為創作一種新穎的作曲架構或聲音,而是希望問題意識化由此產生的社交經驗:播放這段錄音、聆聽它,以及思考。

12月16日的表演將重複以上所述過程,Mattin從德國柏林,美國藝術家Eric Laska從美國費城遠端透過Skype,王虹凱則與台北現場的觀眾,加入這段錄音對話,一起瓦解掉錄音過程裡發生的一切和其佔據的空間之間的邊界。

這場錄音表演的結果將刊登在Eric Laska創立和編輯的網路聲音季刊Lateral Addition。

In Collapsing Ourselves from 2014, Hong-Kai Wang and Mattin presented a formal exploration of a dialogue in disorienting spatial contexts: four tracks layered over each other with varying levels of audibility, Chinese, English, sounds from different spaces, digital artifacts, snippets of self-reflexive conversation. This was done not as a way to innovate a new compositional framework or sound, but rather to problematise the social experience of playing the recording back, listening to it, and reflecting on it.

With this next iteration of the project, the process of superimposing four recorded conversations is repeated, though this time it is being done with material recorded remotely over Skype and the addition of Eric Laska as the third interlocutor in the mix. The playback experience will likewise be affected, collapsing the boundaries between what is happening on the recording and the spaces it occupies.

The recording of said performance will be featured in the tenth issue of the online audio journal Lateral Addition, of which Eric Laska is the founder and editor.


Hong-Kai Wang

Born in Huwei, Taiwan, Hong-Kai Wang is an artist based in Taipei. She is currently a PhD in Practice candidate at Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

The process of Wang's research-based practice is profoundly informed by the unceasing tension between languages, ideologies, identities and knowledge regimes she experienced growing up on an island long plagued by histories of colonialism. It is situated at the intersection of aesthetic, discursive and knowledge production, often concerned with politics of missing knowledges resulted by encounters between histories, lived experience and power. Through experimenting with modes of listening, organizing pedagogy as temporary gatherings, mobilizing collaborative sociality as performance, and encouraging alterior bodily interpretations, Wang's practice often seeks to forge unlikely affiliation beyond received chronologies and geographies in the milieu of art and discourse making as well as studying and teaching in art. Her works span performance, installation, workshop, publication, sound work, etc.

Wang has presented her practice internationally at Documenta 14, Taipei Biennial, Liquid Architecture, Museum of Modern Art New York, among others.



Mattin is an artist from Bilbao living in Berlin working with language, noise and improvisation. His practice seeks to address the social and economic structures of experimental sonic and artistic production through live performance, recordings and writing. Using a conceptual approach, he aims to question the nature and parameters of improvisation, specifically the relationship between the idea of "freedom"and constant innovation that it traditionally implies, and the established conventions of improvisation as a genre. Mattin has recently completed a PhD at the University of the Basque Country under the supervision of Ray Brassier and Josu Rekalde. Along with Anthony Iles they edited the book Noise & Capitalism in 2009 published by Arteleku/Audiolab. In 2012 CAC Brétigny and Tuamaturgia published Unconstituted Praxis, a book collecting his writing plus interviews and reviews from performances that he has been part of. Both books are available online. Urbanomic will publish his book Social Dissonance, which contains the instructional score that was presented as part of documenta 14 in Athens and Kassel.


Eric Laska

Eric Laska is an artist / musician currently based in Philadelphia. Recent projects of his have mostly taken shape as sound installation or performance. His work has been featured in venues such as Eyebeam Art + Technology Center, New York; Machine Project, Los Angeles; Ausland, Berlin; MACO, Oaxaca; San Serriffe, Amsterdam; and online at Gauss PDF and Ear | Wave | Event. He is founding editor of the online audio journal Lateral Addition which seeks to enrich the discourses surrounding contemporary sound practices.