Welcome to White Fungus:

This publication began in the spirit of pure anarchy. It was initiated as a pseudo-anonymous protest against corporate interests overriding community values and concerns in Wellington, New Zealand, where the publication was initially based. The first issue was directed as a protest against the building of an inner-city motorway through the city’s arts district. The publication was produced quickly on a photocopier, wrapped in Christmas paper and hurled anonymously through the entrances of local businesses. The road would be built but more than a decade later the publication continues.

Since 2009 White Fungus has been based in Taiwan. Here we discovered artists encountering their own struggles with consumerism, non-responsive government and a lack of space for activities that run counter to instrumental commercialism. White Fungus creates a space through publishing and live events for artists and writers disentangled from the ordinary. White Fungus is committed to localism in its most resistant forms, but conducts that engagement on a global scale. Welcome to our on-line portal.