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White Fungus Issue 14

The genesis of this issue of White Fungus lies in a magazine residency undertaken at Kadist Art Foundation in San Francisco and contains coverage of the Bay Area, including an article by Marcella Faustini about Scott Arford and a history of the area's noise and experimental music scene. The new issue also features an interview with Mexican art phenom Abraham Cruzvillegas, who has just taken on one of the world's most prestigious contemporary art commissions, filling Tate Modern's Turbine Hall. Nicola Trezzi (US editor of Flash Art) talks to Einat Amir about her social and art interventions. The issue contains an interview with rapidly rising art star Simon Denny, who has an upcoming solo exhibition at PS1 MoMA, and whose work has recently been acquired by MoMA in New York. London-based art critic Kyra Kordoski writes about Kari Altmann who recently created work for Serpentine Gallery's exhibition Extinction Marathon.