Past Events

White Fungus held the fifth event of its Depopulate series at 435 Art Zone, an old military memorial hall in Banqiou. The event featured performances by Dave Phillips (Switzerland), Wang Fujui, Betty Apple, Noise Steve, One Hot Autumn, and Sonic Deadhorse.
After signing a global distribution deal with WhiteCirc in London, White Fungus released the second edition of its 13th issue with an event at NK in Berlin. Presented together with NK, the event featured performances by Betty Apple (Taipei), Schneider TM (Berlin), Wang Fujui (Taipei), jd zazie & Billy, Roisz (Berlin), Noise Steve (Dali) and Marije Baalman (Amsterdam).
White Fungus held the third Depopulate event at Treasure Hill Artist Village in Taipei. The event featured performances by Anla Courtis (Argentina), Zahra Killeen-Chance (New Zealand), Hsia Yu, Wang Fujui, Sun Yi-Jou and Noise Steve.
White Fungus presented Collapsing Ourselves, a collaboration between sound artists Mattin (Basque) and Hong-Kai Wang (Taiwan) at Free Coffee in Taichung City, May 16, 2013.
White Fungus was the magazine-in-residence at Kadist Art Foundation in San Francisco. White Fungus conducted research in the Bay Area and held two release events for the first edition of its 13th issue. The first event was at Kadist and featured a conversation between science fiction authors Ron Drummond and Kim Stanley Robinson about the possibility of establishing human settlements on Mars. Drummond also gave a reading from his essay / thought experiment “The First Woman on Mars” which features in White Fungus #13. The second event was held and the Lab and featured live performances by Wang Fujui, Betty Apple, Samin Son, Scott Arford, and Mason Jones.
White Fungus collaborated with Kandala Records to present Merzbow's first-ever performance in Taiwan at The Wall in Taipei. Merzbow was supported by Wang Fujui, Betty Apple, Dino and Wolfenstein. This event was also the Taipei release of the bilingual first edition of White Fungus Issue 13.