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White Fungus is an arts magazine based in Taichung City, Taiwan. Founded by brothers Ron and Mark Hanson in Wellington, New Zealand, in 2004, as a quasi-political manifesto, copies of the first issue were produced on a photocopier, wrapped in Christmas paper and hurled anonymously through the entrances of businesses throughout the city. 

Now a magazine featuring interviews, and writing on art, music, history and politics, White Fungus takes a dialogical approach to the work it covers. The name of the publication comes from a can of “white fungus” the Hansons found in their local supermarket in the industrial zone of Taichung City. Each cover of White Fungus is derived from a scan of the can.

White fungus is a wild mushroom used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. Today it is commonly served in soup as a local delicacy. White fungus is believed to be good for immunity, the brain, heart, and skin.


That gesture also is a kind of gesture you make towards the reader, saying, 'I trust you,' and in a way you’re enticing people into the unknown. You’re saying, ‘Let your curiosity lead you and be perplexed by what you might find because you’re going to open this magazine at your risk...’


                               ~ Paul Holdengräber, The Quarantine Tapes





Editor-in-Chief   Ron Hanson

Managing Editor   Peter Freestone

Art Director   Mark Hanson

Chief Designer   Johnny Hu

Publicist   Stacy Lipp

Chicago Liaison   Nick Yeck-Stauffer

Web Design   Carla Schollum

Web Development   Jan von Mulert



Room 5, Floor 7
420 Nantun Road
Section 2 Nantun District
Taichung City
Taiwan (R.O.C.)



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