White Fungus at Times Museum - Guangzhou

White Fungus founders Ron Hanson and Mark Hanson gave a talk at Guangdong Times Museum, in Guangzhou, China, about the history of White Fungus and their experiences in independent publishing. The presentation was part of a series of events accompanying the exhibition The Light of Independence, November 17-December 25, 2012. Curated by L & L Studio(钟玉玲 Lingling Zhong,蒙丽诗 Lizzy Meng), the exhibition bridged well-known international publications to the booming scene in Greater China. White Fungus is included in the exhibition, along with Waterfall, representing Taiwanese publishing.

The exhibition included a documentary project, Chinese Books, initiated by Ameoba. It is the first-ever documentary about independent publishing in China. Other activities accompanying the exhibition included dialogues, workshops, film screenings and interactive activities.