White Fungus 12 Release Event at Taipei Contemporary Art Center

2011.12.10 White Fungus Issue 12 Release Party ( White Fungus雜誌第12期 發行演出 ) 照片 / 陳小雜.馮馨 December 10, 7pm-10pm Artists: Yan Jun, Wang Fujui, Dino, Wang Chung-Kun 藝術家名單 : 顏峻,王福瑞,廖銘和,王仲堃 White Fungus雜誌第12期 發行演出 以報導臺灣藝術為主的國際雜誌 White Fungus,為了慶祝第十二期雜誌發行,特別與『失聲祭』合作,邀請中國前衛音樂藝術家顏峻來臺演出。顏峻為中國當代實驗音樂的創作者與推動者,他不但 是『撒把芥末』與『觀音唱片』的發起人,也擔任了中國實驗音樂會的活動策劃與主持,可說是中國實驗音樂的領導者。 White Fungus為位在臺中市的國際雜誌,第十二期的雜誌包含了姚瑞中的訪談、陳界仁的文章,以及羅悅全所著的臺灣電子音樂簡史,另外還有臺中市藝術空間Z書 房的簡介,同時也收入了於紐約『P.P.O.W.』藝術中心藝術家現場的即興演奏音樂外,本期雜誌也將於此次活動現場限量免費發送。

White Fungus Issue 12 Release Party To celebrate the release of its 12th issue, Taiwan-based art magazine White Fungus, in collaboration with Lacking Sound Festival, is bringing Yan Jun to Taipei. Yan is one of China’s leading noise artists. He also runs the record labels Subjam and Kwanyin Records and organizes China’s annual experimental music festival Mini Midi. White Fungus is an international art magazine now based in Taichung City. The 12th issue includes an interview with Yao Jui-chung, an article about Chen Chieh-jen, a history of Taiwanese electronic music by Jeph Lo, plus a profile of the Taichung City gallery Z Space. The new issue comes with a CD of live music from an event White Fungus held in New York at the gallery P.P.O.W. Free copies of the new issue will be available at the event.