Image: Katerina Undo
Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Treasure Hill Artist Village|Huashan Grand Green|Taipei Artist Village

Hosted by Department of AIR, Taipei Culture Foundation, On Site has been a highly anticipated annual event that brings various forms of art together. Now going into its third year, On Site 2014 will be a weeklong event that continues to fuse music, sounds, and images together for a variety of cross-disciplinary performances. On Site 2014 will be held at Huashan Grand Green, Taipei Artist Village, and Treasure Hill Artist Village from September 27 to October 4. Visual sound artists and indie bands from Taiwan and abroad will join to bring twenty spectacular performances to audiences. Furthermore, folk opera and multimedia interactive installations will be included for the first time. As traditional techniques and modern technologies are innovatively integrated, performances are elevated to new heights.



Continuing the spirit of experimentation and adventure of previous years, the opening day for this event will feature performances by indie bands from 3pm to 10pm on September 27 (Saturday). The lineup includes: Elephant Gym, which has been stealing the spotlight recently with its distinct rhythm of math rock; Prairie WWWW, which fuses exotic styles and folk music along with experimental electronic music; The Village Armed Youth Band, which emphasizes social issues and the importance of being involved with a gentle voice despite its tough-sounding name; a band that demonstrates the Taiwanese rock and roll spirit - the native Taiwanese rock band, Sorry Youth; and the super combination of three major producers who surpass the limits of electronic music: Sonic Deadhorse x FishThe x Blaire KO, which will perform the temple opera, “Sam-Hsing Hiàn Gē”. 


Following this, the highlight for the event, Hybrid Taiwanese Opera, will be unveiled. Collaborating with a local interactive multimedia technical team, Taipei Digital Art Center and Centre National de Creation Musicale (GRAME)’s multinational hardware and software support will jointly conduct an integration of Taiwanese opera music and digitally-controlled visuals, manifesting results from their research and development. It can be said that Taiwanese opera is Taiwan's oldest form of hybrid art. Not only does it integrate folk elements and traditional tunes, singing techniques, and stage performance, it also features a powerful sense of inclusiveness and self-evolution. Furthermore, it was once an important form of entertainment for local audiences. This particular performance will implement a traditional story structure to reinterpret the relationships and mentalities of its characters. Using modern choreography concepts, it integrates traditional techniques and modern technologies to bring the audience a boundless musical performance filled with mesmerizing images, sounds, and lights.



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