Saturday, January 6, 2018
Taiwanese Noise on PTS
Public Television Service (Taiwan)

White Fungus co-founders Mark Hanson and Ron Hanson were interviewed about noise in Taiwan on PTS television show "Inside the Arts".

Thursday, October 26, 2017
Adjunctive Rhythm: A Record of White Fungus Events in Taiwan
Ron Hanson and Mark Hanson for Obieg

White Fungus co-founders Ron Hanson and Mark Hanson have written an article about the history of White Fungus events in Taiwan for the art journal Obieg in Poland.

Friday, July 22, 2016
At work with: Ron Hanson, White Fungus
Madeleine Morley for magCulture
White Fungus editor Ron Hanson has been interviewed by Madeleine Morley for magCulture's 'At Work With' series.
Monday, August 24, 2015
We Talked to the Editors of 'White Fungus' Magazine About Art in the Far East
Bo Franklin for VICE

White Fungus editor Ron Hanson was interviewed by Bo Franklin for VICE column 'Ink Spots'

Friday, August 14, 2015
Video review: White Fungus magazine
Steve Watson for Stack Magazines

Steve Watson has done a video review of White Fungus Issue 14 for Stack Magazines.

Saturday, July 25, 2015
Monocle 24 - The Stack
The Stack

White Fungus editor Ron Hanson was interviewed for The Stack on Moncole 24.

Thursday, April 23, 2015
Making it Work: White Fungus on Seven Sharp
Jehan Casindar for TVNZ

White Fungus features on New Zealand current affairs Program SEVEN SHARP on Television One. Jehan Casindar visited White Fungus founders recently in Taiwan.

Thursday, May 29, 2014
這兩個老外 把台灣酷藝術報給全球知
Julien Huang for Business Today

Julien Huang has written a profile of White Fungus for Business Today, Taiwan’s leading financial weekly.

Thursday, March 20, 2014
White Fungus magazine: growing manifesto
Leonardo Calcagno for Baron

Since its official launch in 2004, Taiwan’s White Fungus magazine’s creators, brothers Ron and Mark Hanson, have kept crafting a mystical-art and multifaceted experimental publication that is...

Wednesday, January 8, 2014
Keith Menconi for ICRT

White Fungus editor Ron Hanson was interviewed by Keith Menconi for ICRT. Hanson spoke about the Taiwanese art scene and the rise of sound art on the island.

Sunday, December 15, 2013
Chris Fitch for The Stack

White Fungus editor Ron Hanson was interviewed by Monocle's Chris Fitch for The Stack.

Friday, December 13, 2013
A Crazy Dream to Pursue: White Fungus for the Masses
Stian Overdahl for The Pantograph Punch

As mainstream culture hurtles towards a state of constant distraction, with popularity gauged by Youtube hits, half-watched videos and likes and follows, the need for alternatives and antidotes...

Sunday, December 8, 2013
WHITE FUNGUS GOES GLOBAL: Exclusive Interview with Editor Ron Hanson
JC Gonzo for The End of Being

Named after a food can found in a Taiwanese supermarket, White Fungus is a gorgeously dynamic publication dedicated to left-of-field art, culture, and music.

Friday, November 15, 2013
Review: White Fungus Issue 13
Alistair Noble for Partial Durations

The world is full of odd magazines, weird journals, and sinister periodicals.

Thursday, March 1, 2012
Spores of Knowledge
Clive Bell for The Wire

Clive Bell has written an article about White Fungus for The Wire.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012
Eating White Fungus
Daniel Larkin for Hyperallergic

Daniel Larkin has written an article about the 12th issue of White Fungus for HYPERALLERGIC.