Issue 9

The ninth issue opens with a history article about Chew Chong, who migrated to New Zealand from Hoiping, China in the 1860s to join the Otago Gold Rush. Chong would start a successful business exporting tree fungus to his homeland, a product which was not recognized as having any value by the other colonial settlers. He would later help launch the Taranaki dairy industry. The issue includes an in-depth interview with sound artist Annea Lockwood who discusses her river works among many other topics; an excerpt in which Lockwood discusses “piano burnings” was republished in the Utne Reader: The Best of the Alternative Press. There is a comic by Tim Bollinger, drawings by Yao Jui-chung, artworks by Richard Killeen and Tao Wells, and poems by Chinese poet Gue Xie and New York poet Anne Fiero. There is an interview with Australian noise / performance artist Justice Yeldham who makes visceral music with mic-ed up sheets of glass. There are articles about John Wiese, The Dead C, Greg Malcolm, and Manuel Gottsching.