Issue 2

The second issue of White Fungus continues the tradition of satirical collaged contents pages which began with the first issue and continued up until the 11th edition. The second issue’s contents page satirizes the flamboyant former Wellington mayor Mark Blumsky who was attempting to move into national politics by running for the National Party in Wellington Central. The collage shows Blumsky in the scene of a musical, dressed in a tuxedo, dancing his way up a flight of stairs to the Beehive (New Zealand’s parliament building). The collage would prove prophetic. Blumsky’s campaign was later derailed when photos of a bruised and battered candidate turned up on the front page of the newspaper after a fall down a flight of stairs following a drunken escapade. Blumsky claimed he had been attacked by a youth smoking marijuana, though no assailant was ever identified. He lost the election but made it into parliament on the party list, only to quit national politics after one term. The second issue of White Fungus continues its articles on local Wellington history by looking at the life of an early Cuba Street resident, Mary Taylor, a Yorkshire woman who was an early feminist and life-long friend of Charlotte Bronte. Taylor maintained written correspondence with Bronte, providing a first-person account of the early days of the city. The issue contains articles on Wellington electro punk band Cortina, the painter Max Gimblett, and free trade with China.