Issue 10

White Fungus # 10 contains in the first of Tim Bollinger’s series The Bone Collectors, a history about the nefarious early days of zoological discovery in colonial New Zealand. The issue features an article about Baatarin Galsansuh, Mongolia’s most subversive poet. There are articles about Brisbane artist Richard Bell and Hong Kong artist Lee Kit. There are artworks by Judy Darragh, Nick Austin, and Andrew McLeod; short stories by Chris Cudby; and poems by Cyril Wong and Frances Raven. The issue includes a comic by Barry Linton. And there are articles about Wolf Eyes, maverick hyperrealist composer Noah Creshevsky, and interviews with Australian sound artist Jodi Rose about her sculpture “Singing Bridges”, and Te Kupu of Upper Hutt Posse, 20 years on from producing the first-ever Rap record, E TU, in New Zealand. Juan Santos, a radical environmentalist and a member of the Aztlan Mexica Nation Harmony Keepers/American Indian Movement, contributes his fiery diatribe, “Burning Down the House: Capitalism at the Expense of All Life Part 2".