白木耳即將展開其結合實驗聲響、藝術及表演的Depopulate系列第七場活動。Depopulate 07將獻上Zahra Killeen-Chance(紐西蘭奧克蘭)、布山陽介(日本東京)、王福瑞、HH、Betty Apple及ON。

Depopulate 07 is the seventh instalment of the White Fungus event series mixing live sound, art and performance. Depopulate 07 will feature Zahra Killeen-Chance (Auckland), Yousuke Fuyama (Tokyo), Wang Fujui, HH, Betty Apple, and ON (Orange Hou & Noise Steve). This event is supported by the New Zealand Commerce and Industry Office Taipei.

JUNE 24 (SAT) 2017
濕地 venue
No. 10, Lane 107, Linsen North Road,
Zhongshan District, Taipei City

預售ADV. 500NT
現場DOOR 600NT
預售票可以在Accupass 活動通上購買,限量150張!
Presale tickets available through Accupass. Limited to 150.



Zahra Killeen-Chance是一位紐西蘭的表演藝術家,藉由編舞,她試問表演如何成為自我實踐、具有動能的一個系統:藉由突顯二元對立的價值觀之間所產生的衝突關係,挑戰既有的定義、與存在的不可能恆常不變。聲音、可見與不可見性、動態與靜態的模式與型態被打散開來,目的是表露各個感官與各種性別之間,相互交融的形態關係。她在紐西蘭芭蕾與當代劇場學院受訓練,自2009年以來從事劇場編舞,2012年開始在畫廊與公開空間演出、編舞。2015年獲得奧克蘭科技大學獎學金,並完成表演與媒體藝術碩士學位。近期重要展出包括:2015年大洋洲表演藝術雙年展《空氣呼吸》、2016年紐西蘭Bowerbank Ninow畫廊《647nM》、2017年Peter McLeavey畫廊《我奉獻的主題》、2017年紐西蘭地下室劇場《一個人呼氣》、2017年紐西蘭Wallace藝術信託基金會《此地、現在、然後、總是》。

Zahra Killeen-Chance is a performance artist and choreographer based in Auckland, New Zealand. Her choreographic practice asks how performance can be exposed as a self-actualizing, dynamic system that destabilizes meaning, and challenges the notion of a stable presence by highlighting dynamic relationships between binary values. The focus is on decentering the modalities of aurality, visibility, invisibility, stillness and motion, with the aim of exposing intermodal relationships across the senses and genders. She was trained at the New Zealand School of Dance in ballet and contemporary theatre. She has been choreographing works for theatre since 2009, and since 2012 has been choreographing and performing in public and private gallery spaces. In 2015 she received a master's degree in Performing and Media Arts from the Auckland University of Technology. Her recent exhibitions include 647nM, Bowerbank Ninow Gallery (2016), Subject of My Devotion, Peter McLeavey Gallery (2017), A Figure Exhales, Basement Theatre (2017), and Here, Now, Then, Always, The Wallace Arts Trust Collection (2017) in New Zealand, and Breath of Air at the Oceanic Performance Biennial (2015) in Rarotonga.



身兼編曲家、程式師及聲音錄像藝術家的布山陽介居住於東京,他於東京科技大學仿生學、電腦及媒體科技學院取得媒體科技碩士。作品多屬於影像聲響表演、裝置及平面藝術,其表演時常運用數據轉換及即興演出。 布山藉由透過不同介面及程式的資料換算,進而來發掘聲音錄像藝術的潛能性。目前所屬日本宇宙航空研究開發機構(JAXA)任職研究員。其近年演出遍及數個國際活動:2015年香港《Kill The Silence Festival》、2015年《MultipleTap》歐洲巡迴、2016年《MultipleTap》美國巡迴以及2016年韓國《WeSA-Media Art Festival》。

Yousuke Fuyama is a composer, programmer, and audiovisual artist based in Tokyo, Japan. He holds a master's degree in Media Science from the Graduate School of Bionics, Computer and Media Sciences at the Tokyo University of Technology. His creative practice in video, sound, installation, and graphic arts often involves digital programming and improvisational performance. This work explores the potential of audiovisual art as made possible by the interconversion of data across various interfaces and programmes. Fuyama currently works as a researcher at the Japan Aerospace eXploration Agency (JAXA). In recent years he has performed at the Kill The Silence Festival in Hong Kong (2015), the MultipleTap Europe Tour (2015), the MultipleTap US Tour (2016), and the WeSA-Media Art Festival in Korea (2016).



王福瑞為台灣早期重要前衛的數位藝術以及聲音藝術藝術家兼策展人,而他的付出也逐漸讓聲音藝術在台灣成為一門被認可的藝術領域。1993年以先鋒之姿成立台灣第一個實驗音樂廠牌和出版刊物《Noise》,王福瑞目前任職北藝大新媒系助理教授。他最廣為人知的作品有2008年《聲泡》、2010年《聲點》、2011年《超傳波》和2012年的《電磁音景》。2015年與藝術家盧藝成立「響相工作室 Soundwatch Studio」,持續致力推動海內外聲音藝術相關展覽與表演以及工作坊,該工作室致力嘗試以創新實驗性的聲音作為主要核心概念,執行聲音藝術的相關創作與其推廣計畫。

Wang Fujui is an artist and curator whose practice in sound and interactive works has played a key role in establishing sound art as an artistic field in Taiwan. In 1993 he founded the country's first experimental record label and publication Noise, and today he is an assistant professor of New Media Art at the Taipei National University of the Arts. His sound works, videos, and performances have been issued on CD and DVD, most notably, Sound Bulb (2008), Sound Dots (2010), Hollow Noise (2011), and Electromagnetic Soundscape (2012). In 2015, Wang co-founded Soundwatch Studio.




HH is the collaborative project of Yao Chung-Han and Yeh Ting-Hao. As an audiovisual duo their creative practice explores the transformation of experimental noise into electronic music. Their compositions are reorganizations of noise marked by intense beats — hybrid creations of sound art and electronic music. For their visual elements, they use live audio data to power the real-time transformation of moving images, lending to a particular experience of spatial perception and creating an interplay between the senses.



鄭宜蘋又名Betty Apple,其背景混合戲劇、新媒體藝術以及臥房電子樂文化,這全都影響了她的音域哲學和表演實踐。像一種宗教致幻劑般,她會進入觀眾身心達到精神失常的狀態。Betty Apple曾以聲響藝術和行為藝術與《白木耳》於舊金山、柏林、雪梨、東京、臺北進行噪音展演。亦與國際知名電子聲響藝術家KK Null、Merzbow、EVOL、Zbigniew Karkowski、Scott Afford、王福瑞、Samin Son、Schneider TM和Dave Phillips同台演出過。

Betty Apple comes from a mixed background of theatre, new media art, and electronic music, which in turn has impacted her philosophy of sound and performance art. She enters the body of the audience as an entheogen to cause mental aberration. Her past works in sound and performance art have included several tours with White Fungus to such places as San Francisco, Berlin, Sydney, and Tokyo. She has also performed alongside renowned sound artists such as KK Null, Merzbow, EVOL, Zbigniew Karkowski, Scott Afford, Wang Fujui, Samin Son, Schneider TM, and Dave Phillips.




ON由Orange Hou及Noise Steve組成;Noise Steve,使用生活中的聲音製成實驗音樂來傳達,我們與他人、生活、自我的碰撞以及對世 界的理解;Orange Hou,將醫院工作以及生活所參與其中的每個生命故事寫成文字,去述 說與之交會的情感流動。ON,實驗生活與音樂的碰撞,讓音樂裡融合更多不同面向的生命能量。

ON is the duo of Orange Hou and Noise Steve. Noise Steve creates experimental music using sounds found in life as a way to convey an understanding of the world, of us and others, of self-collisions, and of life itself. Orange Hou writes of her workplace, the hospital, and all the lives she has been a part of, giving those stories words that can speak to the emotional tides of such encounters. ON is an experiment in the collision of life and music, to make through music a fusion of vital energies from ever more divergent orientations.