Depopulate 05 at 435 Art Zone in Banqiao - Taipei


JULY 12 (SAT)  19:00

DOOR: 300 NT






Depopulate 05 is the fifth in the White Fungus event series. The event will feature performances by Dave Phillips (Switzerland), Wang Fujui, Betty Apple, Noise Steve and Sonic Deadhorse. Previous Depopulate events have been held at The Cube, Treasure Hill, VT Artsalon and N.K. (Berlin). Depopulate has featured artists including Zbignew Karkowski, Anla Courtis, Schneider TM, Hsia Yu, jd zazie & Billy Roisz, Dino, HH, Samin Son, Sun Yi-Jou, and Marije Baalman.







Born in Zug, Switzerland in 1969, Dave Phillips has been sonically active for over 25 years, appearing on more than 150 releases and playing in more than 400 concerts in 40 countries. Phillips has a background in political activism and his work is often concerned with Animal Rights. Phillips uses body sounds, amphibian field recordings, conventional musical instruments, or things like party balloons, with widely varied results, but most apparently as a means to “activate primordial shared emotions otherwise hidden by civilized experience”.



Wang Fujui is one of the pioneers of Taiwanese noise and digital art. After studying at San Francisco Art Institute in the 1990s, WANG returned to Taiwan and founded “noise”, the island’s first publication and label dedicated to the new music. In 2013 he had a solo exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Taipei, Hyper-transmission. He has performed all over the world including at the Re-Opening of Queens Museum in New York and at Ars Electronica Center in Niels, Austria.



Betty Apple draws upon performance art, noise and electronic music to create powerful works that have propelled her rapid rise in Taiwan's art scene. 2012 saw her support Merzbow at The Wall in Taipei, and do performances alongside Zbigniew Karkowski and EVOL. Apple delivered her performance / sound piece "Vibrator Love" at the Lab in San Francisco. In February 2014, Apple performed at Depopulate 05 at N.K. in Berlin.



Influenced by the rave parties popular in Taiwan at the end of the 1990s, Chen and some friends began to organize a series of do-it-yourself, guerrilla-style raves in such locations as a hair salon and outside a roast duck shop. After viewing the noise art performance Static Riot by Wang Fujui, Chen decided to change course and pursue noise art. In 2002, Chen co-founded the Malt Fermentation Workshop in Taichung City, one of very few venues promoting experimental electronic music outside the capital city of Taipei. The group organized Taichung’s first noise art festival, Electroacoustic Counterattack.



Taipei Hot Autumn(台北熱秋) is a Taipei-based power electronic duo consisting of Dawang "yingfan" Huang and You-Sheng Zhang. The unit contributed a track to the harsh noise/power electronics compilation NOISERISING released by Hong Kong label Noiseoke Records and contributed live recordings to the contemporary music concert WENN WIEN TRIFFT TAIPEH, and the multimedia art event TranSonic 2013. 



Sonic Deadhorse is a one-man band which is occasionally joined by other musicians. The band is named in reference to “Sonic Death Monkey”, the fictional band formed by Barry, the lippy clerk, in the novel “High Fidelity”. Sonic Deadhorse gathers together all the genres it loathes, including heart-bleeding pop, and mixes them together into chaotic combination that can be at one moment glitch, another moment drum & bass, with snatches of wayward pop anthems, purposely anarchic.