Depopulate 03 at Treasure Hill - Taipei

White Fungus held the third event in its series Depopulate at Treasure Hill in Taipei on Friday, January 17. The night involved noise, dance, performance art, poetry and sound in its broadest capacity. Featuring Anla Courtis (Argentina), Zahra Killeen-Chance (New Zealand), Hsia Yu, Wang Fujui, Sun Yi-Jou and Noise Steve

白木耳將會在1/17(星期五)於台北寶藏巖舉辦Depopulate系列的第三場表演。 這晚將會帶來無法預期的大量噪音藝術、舞蹈、行為藝術、詩及聲音藝術等的驚喜!請一定要參加我們的活動!